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Model 7050 Millimeter Wave 3 dB Quadrature Coupler

The 3 dB Quadrature Coupler is a four port device covering the frequency range of 18 to 40 GHz. The coupler design is a single section Hopfer coupler which has been optimized to perform in the millimeter frequency range. See Fig. 1. It offers excellent amplitude and phase balance as well as low loss and high isolation. The 3 dB Quadrature Coupler utilizes removable connectors for easy integration into coaxial millimeter wave systems.

Quadrature Hybrid Model 7050 schematic diagram 
  • Frequency Range 18 to 40 GHz
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Isolation
  • Removeable Connectors


Frequency (GHz) 18-40
Min. Isolation (dB) 14
Max. Insertion Loss (dB) 1.75
Max. VSWR 1.8
Amplitude Balance (dB) ±2.0
Phase Balance deg. ±10
Power Handling, operating and survival, cw or peak 2W
Environmental Ratings  
   Temperature Range –55°C to +125°C
   Humidity MIL-STD-202F, Method 103B, Cond. B (96 hrs. at 95%)
   Shock MIL-STD-202F, Method 213B, Cond. B (75G, 6 msec)
   Vibration MIL-STD-202F, Method 204D, Cond. B (.06" double amplitude or 15G, whichever is less)
   Altitude MIL-STD-202F, Method 105C,



Option No. Description
G07 2.4 mm Female RF connectors
G09 Guranteed to meet Environmental Ratings
Model 7050 Quadrature Coupler dimensions and weight

Dimensions are stated in inches (mm). Tolerances, unless otherwise indicated: .XX ±.02; .XXX ±.008

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