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Millimeter Wave Components


Kratos General Microwave wideband millimeter-wave attenuators are available in various configurations. Model 1959 is current-controlled, while the Model D1959, which incorporates a hybrid driver, is voltage-controlled with a linearized transfer function of 10 dB per volt.

The digitally-controlled Model 3499 provides 0.03 dB resolution (11 bits) and switching speed of less than 500 nsec.

Each of the these models operates over the full frequency range from 18-40 GHz with a dynamic attenuation range of 50 dB.

Millimeter Wave Component 

Kratos General Microwave millimeter wave switches are available in a variety of configurations, with currentcontrolled switching, or with integrated TTL-compatible voltage drivers, and in both low insertion loss and high isolation models.

All switch models operate over the frequency range from 18-40 GHz; each is capable of handling cw or peak powers up to 1W without performance degradation, and features rise and fall times of less than 10 ns.

Millimeter wave switch by Kratos 

Kratos General Microwave is offering Milimeter Wave Phase Shifteres within the frequency band of 18 to 40 GHz.


The Model 7050 3-dB Quadrature Coupler is a 4-port single-section Hopfer coupler which operates over the frequency range from 18-40 GHz. It features low insertion loss, high isolation, and excellent amplitude and phase balance.

Millimeter Wave Switches 

Kratos General Microwave is offering Custom millimeter wave component products, they are produced per customers specifications.