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Kratos General Microwave offers a broad line of high-performance General Purpose RF and Microwave Signal Generators, this includes voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), digitally-tuned oscillators (DTOs), frequency locked oscillators (FLOs) and synthesizers in the Rf and microwave frequency range. The VCOs and DTOs feature fast-settling time, low post-tuning drift and low phase noise. In addition to standard catalog products, a wide variety of custom oscillators have been developed for various military and non-military applications such as Receivers, Test Systems and Simulator.

Kratos General Microwave sources product line, includes a broad range of RF and Microwave Synthesizers. Including Direct and Indirect Synthesizers. The COTS range of RF and Microwave Indirect Synthesizers includes the line of Fast Indirect Synthesizers (FIS) with settling time of faster than 1 μSec. and a range of Synthesizers with Frequency Modulation capabilities (during synthesizer mode of operation).

Digitally Tuned Oscillators (DTO)
Frequency Locked Oscillators (FLO)
Microwave Synthesizers